Succulents (echeveria) are great house plants for a modern interior and they are easy to care for. We have paired each plant with a contemporary tripod pot. This item can be bought singularly or as a trio - buy 2 get 1 free!!!



Succulents are those plants that somehow have the capacity to store water (moisture) in special tissues. Stem Succulents do that in a thickened stem or stem (most cacti and Euphorbias), leaf succulents do that in thickened leaves (Crassula, Echeveria, Agave) and root succulents naturally do this in their underground parts (Pterocactus tuberosus).

All cacti form the cactus family (Cactaceae). We usually call the non-cacti succulents, although we should actually say sap plants, these occur in various families such as the afternoon flower family, the thick-leaf family (Crassulaceae), the silk plant family and the euphorbiaceae family.



They can be found all over the world. Many think they all come from arid desert regions, but sometimes they are in places where there is more rainfall per year than in Belgium. However, this precipitation does fall in a relatively short period of time, during which these plants absorb enough water to overcome the next drought period.

All cacti come from America. They come from Canada to Argentina and Chile, from the high mountains to the sea level. It may be clear that within such a distribution area there are enormous differences in climatic conditions and soil conditions. The cacti found in other areas (Mediterranean) have all been introduced.

Many succulents also come from the new world, Agave, Echeveria, Dudleya and Lewisia to name a few. Africa supplies us with the afternoon flowers, many bait flowers, aloe-like and euphorbia-like. Asia and Australia only supply a few varieties.



A sunny window sill or bay window provides a good location for cacti and succulents. Since a lot of light is needed, a location on the south, southeast or southwest is the ideal solution.



Tripod Succulent Pot