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Green Pledge

Our aim at Wild & Wondrous is to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible while providing a top quality floral service.  


The majority of flowers sold in the UK are imported, mostly air-freighted and refrigerated in articulated lorries and subsequently create an unacceptable carbon footprint. As florists and retailers it is our job to offer the consumer a product that is grown and produced in a more ethical and sustainable way. The British Isles have some of the most amazing gardens in the world. By using British grown flowers for your weddings, funerals and gifts you are not just making an ethical decision but you will also help to prolong a heritage of horticulture in Britain. Supporting UK growers can really help to build the industry in this country at this time when farmers need it most. However, there are times when specialist flowers are called for and at certain times of the year the availability of UK grown flowers is limited. In these circumstances, we endeavour to use only imported flowers that are ethically sourced. We buy flowers with certification labels such as Florverde, who are an organisation developing, promoting and implementing responsible codes of conduct, standards, and sustainable agricultural practices in Columbia. We are also members of Fair Flower Fair Plant. Flowers and plants bearing this sustainability label come from growers who have set up their production processes in such a way that they fulfil high requirements concerning the environment and social aspects. Look out for this sticker on our products in store.


Here at Wild & Wondrous we endeavour to use biodegradable packaging wherever possible, using paper produced in the UK instead of cellophane comprised of chemicals, and raffia bows instead of nonbiodegradable poly ribbon to wrap our bouquets with.  We sell affordable new and vintage vases and containers that can be reused. The vase replenishment service that we provide is very popular with our regular customers because they get more flowers for their money, they are not paying for all that packaging! Water retaining foam is used sparingly. 


Seasonal eco floral funeral tribute
Autumn bouquets made with local grown flowers

Wild & Wondrous would like to lead the UK floristry industry into a sustainable practice for the future and demonstrate how flowers can look fabulous without all the unnecessary waste the industry has traditionally produced. I don't want to bore you about carbon footprints and ethics of large flower growers in developing nations but I think it is important that consumers use their power to influence trends and ethical thinking.  When organic vegetables first came available in supermarkets here in the UK there were many sceptics!  Now organic produce is a multi millionpound industry and we regularly put it in our shopping baskets without a second thought. If you are concerned about the impact that your wedding day could have on the environment please get in touch and I will endeavour to design you wonderful wedding flowers sourced locally, leaving your conscience free.


There are many reports that horrified me as a florist and motivated me to use locally sourced flowers and foliage in my wedding designs and gifts. Also, please be aware of some companies who purport to sell 'Seasonal Cottage Garden Bouquets' as the contents are often grown in developing countries. Not wanting to name names but I was shocked to find out that the famous British rose grower David Austin, (which feature in many bridal magazines) are grown in Kenya and South America.  

When this is not feasible due to the season we only use imported flowers that are accredited by organisations such as Fair Flowers Fair Plants (Holland), Florverde (Columbia) and Veriflora (Ecuador).  All these organisations ensure sustainable crop production, resource conservation, energy efficiency, ecosystem protection, integrated waste management, fair labour practices and community benefits.

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