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Hello Summer (at last)

After a really busy week in the shop I’m enjoying a quiet minute.  Pam from Amberlola Designs has made us a few aprons out of vintage fabrics for the shop. We love them sooo much we decided to design a new window around them. It really encapsulates that summer feeling, washing drying on the line whilst having a picnic on the grass.

Pam found her nan’s old pinny and has taken the pattern from that. The full length ones are only £20 and the short are £15. 

We also have other great handmade items from Pam, gift cards with prints of original water colours of Blackrod Village and Rivington Pike.  Hearts made from plaster that are great as little wedding favours imprinted with antique lace or with the bride and grooms initials. Take a look on our website, they can be made to order and start at a very reasonable £1.50 each. 

I have finally found a supplier of some decent planters for the garden. I am very excited in anticipation of the delivery. I will post some pictures next week. They are very reasonably priced as well. lets get planting. It is surprising how quickly everything grows with a bit of sunshine. 

Did you know that last weekend the temperature in Lapland, Finland was 29°C and in England it was only 19°C? What’s all that about? 

Lunch time

Cheers Nik x

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