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Sally & Matts Micro Wedding 2020

Well what a washout 2020 has been for most people planning to get hitched. Dates cancelled, rescheduled, cancelled and rescheduled again. But not Sally & Matt! They pushed through their plans, even changing their wedding location at the very last minute so they could abide by all the government restrictions.

We received a phone call a few days before the wedding date, could we pack the wedding to travel? Sally's Mum and Dad were driving over 200 miles with a car full of bridesmaids, flowers, dresses and cake to take the wedding to Sally and Matts home town. I was a little concerned about Sally's flower crown and mums corsages been made so far in advance. Luckily it wasn't too hot, I think they did well in Sally's mum Tupper Ware cake box.

I made a video so show Matt how to tie the pew end bouquets onto the chairs lining the church aisle. We did quite a lot of WhatsApp that week. I think they did well doing the little DIY touches with the welcome sign and cake flowers, table flowers.

The pictures that Emilie May took really reflect the joy of the day perfectly. Sally looked stunning in her boho gown and rocked her headdress. The bridesmaid looked beautiful and of course Matt and the boys scrubbed up well too.

Congratulations guys and best wishes for the future. That can do attitude will take you far, hats off to you for pulling off what looked like an amazing day.

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