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I Want Flowers in My Hair!

Flowers in my hair has been the request of many of our brides this year. How amazing for us traditionally trained florists! Festive style thin to full on circulates, comb’s in fresh and dried, flower pins and wild wired pieces you can just pin in.

Here are some pictures to inspire you…..

Two combs to sit above a veil.

Gyp circulates for little ones.

How cute is this??

Pretty flower comb of bombastic roses,astilbie and waxflower for the bridesmaids.


Our very Megan sporting a lush and vibrant circulate designed for one of our brides. I loved making this using bold flowers like gerberas, dahlias, carnations, roses, chrysanthemums and Craspedia.

Delicate and natural wired piece to pin in.

Delicate hairpins of gypsophila.

My favorite was this very delicate wired piece I made for above Harriets veil.

Lush and full gypsophila and hydrangea circulate, made by Emma.

Boho pretty festive style circulate using waxflower.

Natural full comb slipped into a chignon, beautiful!!

Loving flower for vintage and boho, soft and romantic, bold and vibrant HAIR. Wedding flowers 2015 (-:

Big thank you to all our 2015 brides for trusting us this year!!

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