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Wedding flowers inspired by Bombay Sapphire at the Deaf Institute, Manchester

When Jaimie and Dave first came to see me, they want wild and natural flowers for their big day. When they told me the reception was going to be held at the Deaf Institue, one of Manchester’s iconic music venues, I was very excited. Dave had brought an empty bottle of Bombay Sapphire with him and asked if we could use and incorporate them on the tables. I remember the day well, I was full of a cold and coughed and spluttered all the way through the meeting. I suggested using tropical flowers to create a fun cocktail theme but didn’t explain myself very well. That evening I went home with my head full of crazy ideas and lemsip. I put all my ideas together in an email including a few pictures I had found. Jaimie and Dave loved it and said they had faith in my vision!! No pressure then!

Jaimie arrived at Manchester Town Hall in an American Cadillac. She looked stunning.


Her dress reminded me of a hollywood film stars’ so I wanted to design a delicate and sophisticated bouquet that complemented Jaimie style. It was the parasols that Jaimie requested we suspend at the venue that gave me the inspiration for her bouquet.

The next five fabulous pictures were supplied by Emma Boileau photography


It became an ambitious job when we decided to suspend parasols around the venue.  The Deaf Institue even requested a risk assessment. I went for recki and took these pictures, which really show the transform from typical music venue into a cocktail party.


image 1



The next three fabulous pictures were supplied by Emma Boileau photography


The tropical flowers were supplied by Tropflor, from Manchester, who are a specialist importer of tropical flowers from South America. The flowers carry the Rain Forest Alliance Certification just like coffee and tea. To find out more about our green and sustainable approach to wedding flowers go to

Thank you to Emma Boileau for allowing me use of her fabulous images from Jaimie and Daves amazing wedding.

Thank you to Jaimie and Dave for letting our imaginations run wild and create you a truly bespoke theme for your wedding.

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